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Find a nursery offering 1140 hours of funded childcare & education ( 3-4 year olds)

The City of Edinburgh Council fund 1140 hours of childcare and education from the start of the term after your child’s third birthday. All children receive the full number of hours they are entitled to whether they attend a full year or term time placement in either a local authority or partner provider setting. See the council website for dates.

This film talks about the benefits of a child attending 1140 hours of pre-school nursery.

Find a Nursery

Besides this website, the council have an excellent search map to find a nursery run by the council or a partner provider offering the 1140 funded hours.

  1. Put in your postcode (nurseries are not catchment bound so you may want a nursery near your work address or childminder/grandparents).

  2. Click on the Early Year Provisions

  3. Click on each provider name which provide full contact information of both council and private run nurseries.

  4. Contact a few in your area and arrange a time to go and look at each one before you make a choice.

Or to find a childminder registered for the free hours see here.

Applying for a place

When applying for a council nursery they request you submit a first choice setting and agree when you can drop off your documents at the nursery. When completing the form, you must give a second and third choice. Plus :

  • child's birth certificate - or, if informed by the nursery, their passport

  • proof of your address, such as a Council Tax letter or utility bill.

The application documents are hosted on the council website here.

Partner Providers

Private Nurseries provide places for children eligible to 1140 funded hours. Places for children younger than three are provided at full cost by private nurseries and childminders, unless you’re eligible for free early learning and childcare for two-year olds.

To apply at a partner-provider nursery or a childminder you contact them directly.


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