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A Christmas Teacher Card & Gift is Easy With Thankbox

Teachers are one of the most important members of our society. They give our children purpose, guidance and set them up for success in the world. As parents, we should take any opportunity to express gratitude to our children’s teachers - and what better time for that than Christmas?

It is a great moment to show our amazing teachers that their work is appreciated by both parents and students. A well-written thank you card from the whole class can go a long way - but organising all the parents to sign a paper card can be a frustrating experience. Sitting at the school gates with a brown envelope in hand trying to get other parents to scribble something on a card is no one's idea of fun.

Thankbox is a better and easier to use alternative to the paper card. We are a small Edinburgh-based online group card service that is super easy to use.

Here’s a story from Sophie, who used Thankbox last year to organise a card and gift collection for her daughter’s teacher.

“I set one up online for my child’s teacher and just shared a link to it in our parent Facebook & WhatsApp groups. Within a few days the signatures started coming in. Each had a thoughtful message & some had photos, cute drawings or a video of a student wishing “Merry Christmas, Ms Ross”! We also used Thankbox to collect for a small gift - each parent could add whatever they could. Without much chasing the card was done and in one click I emailed it to the school.”

“It was so heartwarming to get a reply from Ms Ross - saying she had tears in her eyes reading all the messages.

I value my daughter’s teachers and Thankbox was a great, easy option to show someone important the impact they have on their students.”

Why choose Thankbox as a Teacher’s Christmas card and gift

Here are 6 quick benefits you get by choosing Thankbox as a way to appreciate a teacher this Christmas.

Easy to set up

It takes less than a minute to create a Thankbox. You don’t even need an account.

Fully customisable

You can customise your Thankbox the way you want – choose from a large set of curated backgrounds or create your own.

A gift collection is included

Not sure what gift the teacher would like? Thankbox can help with that. Add a gift collection in one click and let everyone contribute privately - individual contributions are not shown. The recipient can then issue a gift card for over 150 retailers in the UK or get it as a prepaid card.

Get the whole class involved

Thankbox is the perfect group card solution. Imagine the teacher’s delight when they open the card with lots of photos, videos, messages from their lovely students? Thankbox is easy to share with your fellow parents – just copy the link and share in a text, WhatsApp, Messenger or email.

Share the cost of the card

Spread the cost of the card by taking payment for the Thankbox from the gift collection balance. We think it’s only fair.

Eco-friendly & lasts forever

Forget the paper card wrapped in plastic. By using Thankbox you are saving paper and being a little bit kinder to our environment. With each purchased card you also help in the Thankbox tree planting initiative!

No paper means teachers don’t have to “find a space” for your card. All they need to do is save it to their device and they can come back to it any time as a reminder of the great work they are doing.

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