A Life in Maroon at Watson’s

Some people say that independent schools are all the same, but at our school, we know that’s just not true.

We have a really specific culture at George Watson’s College; it’s something you can feel when you visit our school and speak to our pupils.

As part of our pupil recruitment campaign for 2022/23, we’re highlighting a group of pupil ambassadors, each with a story to tell. They all represent the best of Life in Maroon.

At Watson’s, we encourage our pupils to believe in themselves, to dive into new challenges and to find what they really love. That’s because we believe when you find what you love you’re then in the best position to succeed.

And when we say ‘succeed’ we want to be clear that Watson’s is not only focused on exams.

Yes, our pupils earn some extraordinary results and many secure first choice places at universities. But we believe it is about far more than that.

A life in maroon is about the best of opportunities inside and outside the classroom.

You only need to look at the world over the last 18 months to know that the challenges our young people will face in the coming years are greater than at any point in generations.

When the time comes for pupils to leave Watson’s, our pupils should be thoughtful, critical thinkers; kind and compassionate; and they should have the resilience to cope with the challenges that lie ahead of them.

To give our young people this opportunity, we have teachers who are brilliant in their field of expertise but also live our values, who are role models to their pupils, inspiring them to think big.

To get a better sense of what Life in Maroon is really like, book your slot at our Open Morning on Saturday 2 October 2021.

Visit gwc.org.uk/maroon for more information.