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Cargilfield Beach Kindergarten

This year we have been running a Beach Kindergarten at Cramond foreshore, each week on a Friday morning. 

It has provided the children with a unique learning experience as it offers them regular play opportunities in an ever evolving beach setting.  The children have explored; the estuary, the foreshore, rock pools, the change in tides, as well as foraging and exploring along the beach itself. The learning opportunities have been endless, primarily led by the children themselves and has enhanced the children's learning and understanding of their local environment.  

Beach kindergarten runs throughout the year at Cargilfield, in almost all weathers which gives the children a more holistic experience of a coastal learning environment. It has provided an engaging, child led, child centred, experience which has been enhanced through exploration and with an emphasis on risky play.

Cargilfield School

45 Gamekeeper’s Road, Edinburgh

EH4 6HU - 0131 336 2207


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