Casa Montessori Nursery

A children’s house

Sustainability, social responsibility and scientific pedagogy form Casa’s ethos.

The setting is run with a zero-waste agenda affecting all aspects including nappies, cleaning methods and the vegetarian menu. Children get involved in recycling and repurposing materials and growing food. Casa children learn about ecosystems first-hand by observing the interdependence of life right outside the back door. The large, sunny garden features natural elements and open-ended play materials such as logs, tyres and planks offering ways for children to create their own physical challenges and social play. Group activities centre on practical projects like cooking and making festive ornaments. Outings are planned within the local community along topics that link to children's interests and learning.

Children come into Casa happily and enjoy long, uninterrupted blocks of free play. Teachers interact sensitively while guiding play. The Nido (under-3s) and Casa (2 ½ - 6 years) environments are organised and attractively minimal spaces with activities that appeal to the distinct characteristics of each age group. Children have a gentle daily routine with plenty of rest and access to quiet rooms for naps and low-key activities.

Casa's highly qualified team supports children's language, mathematics, social and cultural learning with the Montessori curriculum. The multi-sensory and sequential opportunities are inherently inclusive. There is a strong emphasis on nurturing respect - children get involved in meaningful work like watering plants, setting the tables for meals, taking care of the classroom, of themselves and each other. Within the security of this consistent approach children in their critical early years develop their fullest potential, equipping themselves as productive world citizens.

Casa Montessori

Address: 75 Viewforth, Edinburgh EH10 4LL Phone: 0131 466 4413