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Choosing The Right Boarding School for Your Child

What matters most to you when selecting the best boarding school for your child/ren? Does flex/weekly/full time boarding appeal?

We are inviting parents of children aged 10-18 and who are based in Scotland to take part in an online discussion to understand the decision making process when selecting a boarding school.

If you live in Scotland and have children of school age in the independent sector and may be considering private boarding education, we would like to hear from you. Scotinform Ltd, an independent research company, has been commissioned to undertake this research and will be running an online group discussion which means that you take part in the discussion from home. The group is text-based (no need for webcams or speakers) and rest assured that logging in is very simple and straightforward. We’ll ask for your views on boarding school education, what factors influence your choice when selecting schools and your responses will be anonymous.

So if you are based in Scotland, are available week commencing 10th June and would like to find out more and/or take part in our discussion please contact Sheena Muncie at


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