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‘Excellent’ ratings

The Compass School is delighted to report that following an inspection of the School and its pre-school/nursery provision by the Care Inspectorate in December, every aspect of its provision assessed has once more been graded as ‘Excellent’!

Care Inspectorate

The East Lothian school, like many others across Scotland, is regularly inspected by the Care Inspectorate in terms of the standards of care its youngest children enjoy, principally in its nursery provision, (known as Form One). These inspections are very thorough and they assess the quality of experience which each child enjoys and the quality of environment, staffing and management which the School provides.

Previous inspections

Previous inspections have always resulted in The Compass receiving very positive reports, with the last two visits in 2013 and 2016, awarding the School ‘Excellent’ in all of the key aspects of our provision which were inspected. However, the expectations of the Care Inspectorate continue to increase year-on-year as they work to raise standards across the country and so it becomes even tougher to achieve the highest grades. The staff and management of The Compass have worked exceptionally hard to ensure that its children enjoy the highest levels of care and attention and this has been recognised once more by the assessment of the Care Inspectorate as follows:

Quality of Care & Support - Excellent

Quality of Environment - Excellent

Quality of Staffing - Not assessed

Quality of Management & Leadership - Not assessed

The gradings which have been awarded are testament to the hard work, professionalism and dedication of all the School’s staff involved in the care and support of its youngest children, especially the Form One nursery staff who provide such an excellent and happy learning environment in which the children can thrive and flourish in their first year at The Compass.

A PDF copy of the inspection report accompanies this mailing and this can also be found on our school website and on the Care Inspectorate website itself. As well as including the inspector’s findings, it also contains the views of many of the parents too.

Headmaster, Mr Mark Becher said: “We were delighted to receive the Inspector’s assessment following the inspection visit to the School and in particular, to be awarded ‘Excellent’ for the third time in five years. We feel that the findings of the report are not only exclusive to the experiences of Form One children, but they also reflect the wider experience of all children at The Compass School who similarly benefit from the procedures, support, environment, staffing and management enjoyed by our youngest children. We now relish the challenge of maintaining and building-upon these high standards during the months ahead with renewed confidence and conviction, in constantly striving for the very best possible experiences for our children.”

For further information, please contact Mark Becher, Headmaster, on 01620 822642.


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