Compass School Raise money for Beach Wheelchairs

The Compass School Children

Raise Over £800 For Beach Wheelchairs!

Children at The Compass School, Haddington have managed to raise an incredible £849 for Beach Wheel Chairs (North Berwick) through holding an ‘enterprise’ sale in school.

The School’s Pupil Council identified North Berwick Beach Wheelchairs as one of the three main charities they wished to support this year. Beach Wheelchairs enables individuals with disabilities to access the beach through using specially designed wheelchairs designed to travel over the sand and even into the water. The scheme was first set up in 2015 and since then, similar facilities have been set up in Portobello and at Seton Sands.

The Enterprise Sale which took place in June saw children designing and making a whole range of items: from artwork to baking; from origami creations to practical items to use at home. From the sale of these items, the sum of £849.17 was raised.

This success follows on from a very successful Swimathon that the children undertook in April to raise funds for WaterAid.

On Friday, a group of staff and children from The Pupil Council visited Mrs Melanie Kay at the Beach Wheelchairs’ facility in North Berwick. It was a very interesting visit as children had the opportunity to view all of the wheelchairs and to meet with a family who had travelled from the west of Scotland in order to use the electric wheelchair. The childrenspoke to the family about the benefits of the charity and they all observed the importance of these chairs first-hand.

Mr Becher, the Headmaster, said: “I was delighted when the children of our Pupil Council chose Beach Wheelchairs as one of the principal charities they would be supporting this year. The charity does so much fantastic work and have opened up the beautiful beaches of East Lothian for those who previously had very restricted access or none at all. The children greatly enjoyed creating and making for the Enterprise Sale which saw a vast range of goods for sale. To achieve this total is testament to their efforts and the generosity of all those who supported them. We would like to thank everyone who assisted the children in this very successful initiative.”

For further details, please contact the Headteacher, Mr Becher, by telephoning 01620 822642.