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Discover Fettes Prep

Looking at Prep Schools? Fettes Prep have a limited number of places for entrance available for Autumn 2023. Contact Fettes to arrange a visit.


Visit one of our classrooms and you will be struck by three things: the light, airy atmosphere; the smiling, engaged children; and the small class size.

"They say a happy child learns best and I have certainly found this to be the case at Fettes Prep.”

Everything that we do at Fettes Prep School shows the commitment we have to the happiness of your child. We encourage our pupils to love learning and strive to nurture the qualities of honesty, courtesy and tolerance.

"Fettes Prep is a happy, safe environment – completely child focussed.”

Whether your child is a future Olympian or an enthusiastic amateur, we want our pupils to develop a lifelong love of sport. Not just because it is fun, or encourages a healthy lifestyle, but because of the real lessons it teaches: teamwork; determination; discipline; self-esteem and manners.

"There is a great ethos of working together, using the talents that you have and helping and respecting others.”

We believe that the arts are vital to every child’s development by giving them the chance to be creative, build confidence, learn new skills and above all have fun. We allocate generous time and specialist teachers to music, drama and art.

"The ethos of all-round nurturing enables each child to grow and become the person they were meant to be.”

The learning and fun continues outside of the classroom with our exciting and stimulating activities programme. With more than 25 choices, there really is something for everyone no matter where their passions lie.

"They really are busy bees, everyone getting on with things, working hard but having fun too.”

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