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Early Intervention with Neurodevelopmental Therapies

Between the ages of 1 and 6, the brain experiences a fast development. This process, amongst other factors, is due to primitive reflexes; these are patterns that allow the brain to develop skills in e.g. language, sensory-motor, reading and writing or behaviour. Sometimes these reflexes get stuck leading to children having difficulties in one or more of these areas.

My work is to help primitive reflexes to develop and help your child to be confident and able to fullfil their potential. Certainly every child had their own rhythm when growing up, but there are also milestones to achieve. Not reaching these milestones within a reasonable time, might start alarm bells ringing. We provide scales of development to assess whether your child may have issues to be concerned about.

When might we be worried? If, for example, your child drags a leg when crawling, has difficulty in speaking in simple sentences when they have passed their second birthday, or struggles to learn colours in nursery.

Before the age of 6, there are many preventative measures we can take!

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