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EH5 Learning: For cutting-edge online tuition

“Engage. Educate. Empower.”

EH5 Learning is a company founded on educational expertise and experience. The co-directors, Iain Thomson and Craig Downie, are both seasoned secondary school teachers (of 14+ years). And since all of their tutors work in Scottish education, they have an in-depth understanding of the system.

A first-class educational experience lies at the heart of what the company does. From the outset, the directors saw a need to create the best possible virtual learning environment. So rather than rely on existing software, such as Zoom or Skype, they invested in a customized educational platform. As Thomson explained, ‘We wanted an accessible, easy-to-use learning environment for both learner and teacher.’

The multi-purpose nature of the online platform means that learning is both varied and interactive. Learners benefit from numerous educational tools, including a virtual whiteboard and a think and writing pad. Other resources (past papers, textbooks etc.) can all be uploaded and viewed simultaneously. Furthermore, the platform is embedded into the company’s website, so it is completely secure.

EH5 Learning provides tutoring in all subject areas of the Scottish curriculum. In practice, at primary and lower-secondary level, children tend to require English and Maths. Between S4 and S6, however, all subjects are taught, either one-to-one, or in groups of no more than 3 or 4. A few families opt for full-time tutoring, but for most, an hour/week works well. And tutors are given complete autonomy in tailoring curriculum-relevant material to the individual child. As Thomson puts it: ‘We give our tutors the best tools so they can deliver the best sessions.’

EH5 Learning really recognises the necessity of continual dialogue between all those involved in a child’s education, not least the child. ‘We’re here to work with schools and tutoring sessions are often based around conversations we have with them. We all have the same goal, which is to help the young person succeed.’

The company’s free initial consultation is key in gathering vital information about each learner’s level and needs. At this stage, parents often choose to involve the school. But the 4 or 5-way dialogue (company—parent—child—tutor—school) does not end there. After the first 4 weeks, a child’s progress will be formally reviewed and discussed by all concerned. And this process is repeated every twelve weeks at the company’s instigation. As Thomson explained, ‘Our priority is that the learner grows in confidence and improves within the targeted subject or topic area. Ultimately, we’re there to support individual families and to create just the right learning environment for the young person.’

All tutors at EH5 Learning are PVG-registered.

Parent testimonials:

“My daughter is loving the sessions with EH5 Learning. She has grown in confidence so much over the past few months. On a recent test result prior to lockdown she got her best ever result!”

Donna- Parent

“He came off the session smiling from ear to ear and said he loved his session. He said that the tutor was so nice to him. It’s so nice to see him so enthusiastic about learning.”

Josie- Parent

For more information:

Mobile number: 0131 564 1655


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