Help Children with Chronic Conditions

Channel your power to help children with chronic conditions by becoming a doART Hero

Teapot Trust’s art therapy services are transforming the lives of children and young people living with adverse mental health as a result of ‘invisible’ but debilitating chronic conditions.

Photo taken by Colin Hattersley

Teapot Trust, a charity (SC041885) that provides art therapy for children and young people with chronic conditions, aims to improve mental health and wellbeing by utilising a combination of art and psychotherapy to help children manage anxiety, build resilience, and express themselves.

92% of the charity’s service users have said that non-invasive art therapy and creative interventions help them cope, feel better, and overcome suicidal thoughts.

Teapot Trust’s doART Heroes Campaign is challenging the community to take action by helping spread the healing power of art.

Photo taken by Colin Hattersley

How do you become a doART Hero?

Host your own superhero fundraiser. Whether it be a superhero ‘training’ party, film screening, superhero craft evening, or all of them combined, there are endless ways to channel Clark Kent and transform an ordinary fundraiser into fun and learning.

Challenge friends, teachers, school houses or departments, and clubs to join the doART Heroes by hosting their own fundraisers, taking on a heroic challenge, or creating fundraiser pages.

Advertise your adventure. Post your doART Hero activities on social media @teapottrust #doartheroes to inspire other heroes or send in your photos to Teapot Trust.

What’s in it for me?

Entry to win a free iPad if you raise/donate over £100 or sign up for regular giving. Recognition through a doART Heroes certificate and pin.Learning opportunities for children of all ages.

Who can become a doART Hero?

doART Heroes can be individuals, groups, classrooms, organisations… the list can be as long as Ironman can fly. To learn more about how a fundraiser can link into Curriculum for Excellence outcomes, please get in touch.

You can learn more about Teapot Trust or the doART Heroes campaign by visiting the Teapot Trust website or emailing