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Heriot's Pupils 'distribute cheerfullie'

S6 pupils have continued to distribute cheerfullie this term despite their voluntary service placements being cut short due to the lockdown. From supporting charitable food delivery services such as Zero Waste Edinburgh and Aid and Abet, to running errands and delivering food parcels and baking to elderly neighbours, the pupils have been focused on supporting those in their communities.

Whilst many of their efforts are for family and friends, with care packages for close pals and birthday cakes for grandparents being homemade and delivered to doorsteps, quite a number of the S6 pupils have been proactively supporting initiatives and individuals outwith their immediate social circle. A number of our mentors for the Circle Project have taken up fitness challenges to raise money for the charity, a few have been supporting the key worker care programmes, and one pupil is keeping up her work with a specialist youth club via Zoom calls with groups of the young people she has supported all year.

From playing the piano over the phone to a self-isolating piano teacher to lift her spirits, to helping build a robot for a family friend’s business, our S6 pupils continue to seek out ways to distribute cheerfullie.

George Heriot's School, Edinburgh, EH3 9EQ


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