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P1 Open Day - Wednesday 2nd November

Do you have a child ready to start primary school in August 2023? Your City of Edinburgh catchment primary invites you to visit on Wednesday 2nd November at one of the following times- 9.15am, 9.45am, 1.30pm or 2.00pm. You will be given a tour of the school and a presentation.

In order to enrol for P1 at your catchment school parents/carers should go on the City of Edinburgh Council website between 31st October and 18th November. The link to enrol is:

As part of this process you will be asked to upload photos/scans of the birth certificate and council tax form (or 2 proofs of address). A baptismal certificate is required for Roman Catholic School applications.


You have to click ‘submit’ in order to apply. This will then deliver the information to the school.

If you wish to make an out of catchment request to another school you have to do this in addition to your catchment application by going on to the Council’s website. Out of catchment applications have to be completed by 24th December by you.

Follow the link to Edinburgh Council website to register or apply for an out of catchment school or deferring a year. HERE

School Year Stages in Edinburgh Council Primary and Secondary Schools.

To join a school at any other stage other than P1 or S1 - contact your catchment school directly. To see which is your catchment school - put in your postcode here:


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