Label Lady – the busy mums best kept secret

I started Label Lady in September 2017 after a 20 year career working in hotels. My job took me all over & when I got to 40 I started to suffer with career burn out. I was lucky enough to be offered & accept redundancy in July 2017. I wanted to do something that gave me balance & fitted round my family. I’m a natural organiser, love sewing but most of all love to feel useful.

My first season – August 2018 I sewed name tapes on uniform for Merchiston Castle, St Georges & George Heriot’s. 650 name tapes - a great start but not sustainable in the long term.

I realised there was demand at the other end of the care spectrum - helping families with a loved one entering a care home. Roll on December 2018 I had got to know my school niche really well & realised I could help families celebrate the end of an era when their children leaves a school! I’d been helping clear out my husband’s family home I found an ancient pair of woollen swimming trunks with beautifully sewn swimming award badges. My late mother in law had kept these as a reminder of when her boy was small all those years ago. I wanted a way to remember those moments but get them on display - not just in a bag in the attic. Hence my leavers memory cushions idea just grew from there! This was an instant hit & I just haven’t looked back.

Classes of parents ordered the cushions as thank you teacher gifts, they all chip in an item of uniform that’s past its best & I embroider the children’s’ names on a really thoughtful, memorable gift which kept me busy in the Summer term. It’s also a really cost effective way of thanking your teachers personally.

August 2019 saw a host of new schools – my name tape business trebled in turnover.

For a ‘behind the scenes’, check out my Instagram page label_lady or to find out my most recent ‘what next’ take a look at my website

Or if you’d like to book in a half term name tape sew collection just call me on 07976 830660, I’d be happy to help. I’m collecting orders in Edinburgh on 10th & 17th February 2020 & East Lothian based the rest of the month.

Customer Review – In case there is space

“Sewing ninja Label Lady made the return to school a breeze last September when she whisked off my unnamed clothes and nametapes and, 48 hours later, hey presto they were done. UTTER LIFESAVER and easy as pie” a happy Cargilfield customer

“Ever wondered what to do with all those bits of school uniform after your kids have left? Anna @ Label Lady made me these wonderful school memory cushions for me. I’m delighted & would recommend her company.” A happy EA cushion customer