Loretto Art Department #Sculpture Challenge

Are you up for a #challenge? Our #Art Department has a great one for you all - read below the instructions and send us your entry by email at communications@loretto.com or via Facebook messenger (private message @lorettoschool). We'll post your masterpieces on this page - along with our winner of the week 🏆

=== Loretto Art Department #Sculpture Challenge ===

Here is a project that will get you thinking inventively about what materials you have in your #recycling boxes and at home, and turn them into a 3D Sculpture of your own design. The outcome can be anything, something figurative, abstract, architectural, organic, up to you! See the second picture in this post for some inspiration.

The materials you will need may be sourced easily from your home without having to go out. These are:

- cardboard of various thicknesses from boxes or cereal packets, - scissors, - string, - pva glue, or gluegun if you have one, - stapler, - sellotape or any tape you have, - pegs can be useful for holding things together whilst glue dries, - paint or choose not to paint? Up to you…

Using the attachment techniques provided below (first picture in this post), you can try and practice various techniques and see what happens!

Please send us a photo of your sculpture along with your first name, your age if you're a pupil or please specify if you're a parent, OL, staff member, friend of Loretto.

You can send this by email at communications@loretto.com or via Facebook messenger (private message @lorettoschool)

This challenge is an ongoing event, and you can add other submissions as the time goes on or if you have collected more interesting cardboard items to create with.


Have fun and #BeCreative!

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