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How To Make Reading Fun

Q & A with Lydia Scaltsas - Primary Tutor & Former Teacher

1. How can I encourage my P1 child’s reading in a fun, enjoyable way?

  • Encourage your children to read things in the real world: recipes, street signs, text messages etc. Show your child that reading is everywhere, not just in books!

  • It is crucial that you allow your child to chose their own reading material when at home. This will encourage them to become a self-motivated, independent reader.

  • Allow your children to chose books that relate to their interests.

  • Show an interest in what your child is reading.

2. How do I make a book exciting when reading with a (young) child?

Here are some ideas to get you started: * Look at the pictures * Discuss the front cover * Predict what might happen and why * Ask you child why they like the book * Engage your children in general conversation about the subject matter * Discuss the events of the book after reading

Lydia’s Top Tip: Be enthusiastic! Your body language and tone of voice has the ability to shape your child’s perception of reading.


Lydia Scaltsas: Experienced Primary Teacher & Private Tutor

Graduated from University of Strathclyde with a 1st Class Honors in BA (Hons) Primary Education.

Registered with the General Teaching Council (GTCS)

Owner and Private Tutor at LS Tuition:

Instagram: @lydias_tuition Facebook: @LSTuition


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