Marty The Robot Home Course

Build, Play, Program, Expand. The educational robot you can learn and code with from ages 8-99+. In recent months our homes have become the new school, parents all over the UK have been investing in their child’s education with Marty the Robot’s Home Learning Course. The course contains over 25 hours of coding activities and games that your children learn to create to get them started. Beyond that, Robotical’s ever-expanding learning resources are freely accessible with ties to the curriculum and additional expansions, enabling infinite possibilities with your little robot: from adding a camera to disco LEDs and with much much more just around the corner!

Use the Code ‘HOME50’ at checkout to secure your robot and course for only £100 (RRP £265) and help your child take their first steps into the world of robotics, giving them endless hours of entertainment and equipping them with essential skills for the future. Let’s get started here:

"My son (who is 8) has a lot of spare time during COVID19, and we thought it will be a good idea to get him into coding because he had some small exposure at school and enjoyed it!. After some research we came across Marty the Robot which ticked all boxes for us: fun, functional and access to different coding programs.

Since our first enquiry, the team at Robotical has been excellent and made the process much, much easier (especially Ben, who has been fantastic at helping us and his flexibility has been greatly appreciated).

Our Marty came very quickly, and the instructions to set it up were clear and easy to follow. My son really liked his quirky look, and all the stickers provided to dress him up with.

The activities in the website are fantastic and the tutorials really provide clarity and help to understand what needs to be done. My son enjoyed the dodgeball game, which hooked him into the whole thing in the first place! Marty can do lots of amusing movements and fancy kicks but what my son enjoyed the most was the coding activities with the bump switches, as Marty kept kicking things and falling which apparently he found it funny.

We used Scratch,and the software is excellent and everything works perfectly. It is easy to use, very interactive and provides plenty of coding options. Basic concepts of coding (such as conditional statements, loops, triggers, etc...) are present in the activities’ code and were easy to understand.

We bought the pre-built version of Marty the Robot as we were not sure whether we would be able to build it ourselves. After interacting with him we are now looking forward to pulling Marty apart and building him again.

Overall this is an excellent investment in kids’ knowledge and a fantastic introduction into robotics and basic programming which has helped my son to think in a more structured way while having fun and it has showed me that coding is not as difficult as I thought. We will definitely introduce Marty to my daughter when she is old enough to do so."

Daniel Ferrandis

"We ordered Marty as a project to work on with our daughter, Charlotte. From the moment Marty arrived, Charlotte was eager to get started assembling and programming Marty, and really enjoyed putting him together. She was fascinated by each part, which was lovely to see. Even though Charlotte had done some Scratch coding before, working with Marty and seeing the code control a real-life robot was something new, and it kept her engaged and motivated more than ever. The course was well-structured with clear step-by-step instructions and each activity introducing a new coding skill. The sense of achievement Charlotte got from each activity encouraged her to do more and has increased her confidence and motivation to carry on coding Marty after completing the course."

Jon Harrison-Hughes

Classroom packs also available