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Montessori Teens Hub coming soon

The EMAS Foundation is working to develop a Montessori Teens Hub developing personal, community and academic growth, as teens strive to answer the questions ‘who am I?’ and ‘what is my role in the future of society?’

Adolescence is a time of great change, questioning and reflection upon one’s own place in society is a key driver for this age group. Teens are learning to reason, plan ahead, understand analogies, and construct metaphors. It is vitally important to engage young people authentically and deeply, so they may discover and share their passions in a safe and positive environment.

The EMAS Foundation invites teens, teens-to-be and their respective adults to join them in exploring the possibilities of a new learning place – a Hub where discovery and experience are seeded by interest-driven studies. Utilising Montessori’s educational philosophy, teens are supported by specialist guides.

Learning for REAL life; now.

Join the conversation: Friday 22nd March 2pm @ Edinburgh Montessori Arts School

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