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New Montessori Primary School in Murrayfield

After over 30 years of operation in Murrayfield, The Montessori Nursery has expanded to offer education to children aged 6-12 at The Montessori School, Edinburgh. For many years, happy parents of the nursery had requested Principal Patricia Thornton also offer this unique learning environment for older children. Now this dream has come true!

The Montessori School, Edinburgh is located a short walk from the nursery in the Upper Room of the Murrayfield Parish Church. It is a community focused school which works to create a feeling of belonging amongst both children and their families. Supported by a caring and experienced team, the children follow the Montessori curriculum which also meets the standards of the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence.

“Having had our son attend The Montessori Nursery a few years ago, the new elementary school is something we wished was there when it was time for him to move on from nursery, but we are delighted it is here now! Everything from the classroom, the materials, the teaching and the way the children work and play is so well thought out, so as to create an incredible nurturing and stimulating, yet calm environment for them to really thrive in. We would wholeheartedly recommend the school!”

Ms Rodgers, Parent

How is a Montessori primary school different?

The Montessori School, Edinburgh follows the unique educational method created by Italian physician, scientist and educator Dr Maria Montessori. The approach is based on her observations of children and how they learn and takes into consideration how children’s brains develop in order to allow every individual to achieve their full potential.

Montessori education is a holistic approach to learning which aims to support the development of the whole child. It recognises the importance of all aspects of development; physical, social, emotional and cognitive. The Montessori School aims for pupils to develop a love of learning and to be self-motivated in their journey.

Montessori is a truly child-led and child centred approach. The day begins with a 3 hour work cycle during which pupils have the freedom to take control of their own learning, making choices about the work that they want to do and taking responsibility for organising their own time. The teacher and child meet each week to discuss next steps and agree on the work that will be set for the following week. Pupil concentration is fostered in a calm and welcoming environment and the children are able to decide when they are ready to take a break.

Teachers plan individually for each child based on their ability and interests and deliver presentations, usually to small groups, providing the opportunity for children to work collaboratively. Abstract concepts are taught using beautiful concrete materials which support depth of understanding. Pupils are not assigned homework and are assessed through teacher observation rather than formal testing. Behaviour is managed respectfully using positive language and without rewards or punishments.

Choosing a Montessori environment for your child has many benefits. Your child will learn at a pace that suits them and foster independence, empathy, and a joy in lifelong learning. This emphasis on self-directed learning in a multi-age setting not only encourages individual intellectual and emotional growth but also prepares your child to head out into the world with courtesy, respect, positive decision-making skills and confidence... skills that will never leave them.

The Montessori School, Edinburgh

Monday-Thursday 8:45am - 3:15pm

Friday 8:45am - 12:45pm


For more information about The Montessori School, Edinburgh and Montessori education in general, please contact: ​


Montessori Primary School for children aged 6 to 12

The Montessori School

2b Ormidale Terrace


EH12 6EQ


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