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Online Christmas Celebration 2020 at Edinburgh Steiner School

This weekend: 28th - 29th November & workshops until 5th December

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The Christmas Market is a cherished Steiner’s tradition, a wonderful way to start the festive season and an important way in which we raise funds for our school. This year though, when so much suffering due to the pandemic is evident, it seemed that we should share some of our good fortune with the wider community.

This year we have chosen to support Health in Mind, which supports mental health in Scotland by providing a wide range of services and courses to support people and enable them to make a difference in their lives. We are also supporting The Yard, which provides adventure play services for children and young people with disabilities and their families. They have locations in Edinburgh, Dundee and Fife, where they offer creative and inclusive play, alongside wraparound support for the whole family. Each of these organizations will receive 25% of the proceeds we raise from the Online Christmas Celebration. The remaining 50% of funds will add to the richness of school life for all of our children and young people. In the past contributions have been used to refresh the books in the school library, purchase the beautiful grand piano in the hall, and buy sturdy bike shelters, climbing equipment for kindergarten, and sewing machines for art and handwork. Most recently funds were used to buy a stock of new Chromebooks to create a lending bank of computer equipment, ensuring that our older students are all able to receive an uninterrupted education come what may.

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