Nearly 25% of all Independent School Pupils in Scotland Receive Help With Fees

One of the ways the Scottish Council of Independent Schools (SCIS) support the Independent School sector and parents in Scotland is by collecting facts and figures.

Their annual census looks back at 2021

Each SCIS member school must complete an annual census form by the end of September each year. SCIS uses the information collected to produce a series of statistics to support the independent school sector in Scotland.

In 2021 the survey revealed that:

  • There are 29,032pupils in 71 independent schools - 3.9% of pupils in Scotland

  • There are 18 mainstream boarding schools with 2692 pupils – 41% of boarders are from overseas

  • SCIS schools provide at least £54.3million annually in fee assistance, with 24.9% of all pupils receiving some form of assistance

  • 3.1% of senior school pupils receive 100% fee assistance

  • The independent sector employs over 3,604 teaching staff

  • There is 1 teacher for every 8 pupils in SCIS schools

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