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Portobello Music School: Baby & Toddler Music Classes

Babies are never too young to begin learning through music. Research has shown that exposure to music education from an early age positively impacts upon a child’s cognitive, physical and emotional development. In our classes, children take part in weekly, themed musical adventures using well known nursery rhymes alongside new material for you and your child to enjoy. We use lots of props and instruments to make the adventures fun, colourful and engaging.

Our baby and toddler classes focus on experiencing a beat, listening to songs and sounds, sensory touch, movement, interacting with other children and building confidence and relationships. They also have the opportunity to listen to a variety of different musical instruments, such as the flute or ukulele, played live as part of the class.

As the children develop, we introduce songs and games which help with the acquisition of language, numbers and colours, and the development of fine motor skills. They will also be introduced to musical concepts such as high and low pitch, rhythm-clapping and musical terms such as Allegro, Lento, Forte and Piano. Watch as your child begins to recognise certain songs and rhymes and eventually join in with the actions and words by themselves. You may even be serenaded on the way home!

For more information see baby and toddler classes.


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