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Sophie’s Storybooks: Usborne Recommendations, Deals & Free Delivery

Keeping up to speed with the UK’s leading children’s book publisher is no mean feat! There are nearly 3000 titles and over 300 new publications every year. These include fiction, non-fiction and activity books for every age from baby to teen.

Sophie is Edinburgh’s independent Usborne organiser. She passionately believes there is a book for every child and she’ll help you find it.

Why do you think Usborne is so popular?

There is an emphasis on producing books of high quality in an ethical manner.

The Usborne team really try to see through a child’s eyes. The motto is: “Do it better'. How a book looks really matters when you’re young; Usborne recognizes this.

What services do you provide for parents?


I offer free parent consultations via email, Facebook, Zoom and on the phone. After gathering all necessary info. (age, level, interests, previous reading etc.), I provide a personalized list, which includes the latest releases.

Book Ordering and Delivery

I can help you get ahead of the game by pre-ordering popular books and new releases. Or else I’ll find the best equivalent for an out-of-stock book. I can also hold books for you if they are likely to go out of stock. I offer discounts on book sets and collections and an optional gift-wrapping service.

Children’s Birthdays

I can provide themed birthday bundles containing a free book and colouring sheets. I also organise parties with themed mystery bags and freebies.

Why is it worth ordering through you?

I offer free doorstep delivery within Edinburgh and the Lothians.

I offer bundle deals on large orders so nobody ever pays the full RRP. For larger orders (over £120) I offer 10% of the total spend in a free book allowance + 1 free book.

Is there a way to try before I buy?

The Usborne website allows you to preview chapters so you can be sure about the level. I’m also happy to send photos.

How do you work with schools?

Independent Usborne organisers offer a specially tailored service, we recognise that school teachers are busy people.

If a school books an event such as an author visit, the local Independent Usborne organiser will:

  • Advertise, organise, attend and supervise the entire event

  • Complete paperwork and arrange orders, including free delivery to the classroom

  • Offer the school, parents and children advice on the right books for their age group, interests or curriculum

  • Organise for a school to receive free books and generous discounts of up to 60% of orders

  • Arrange a ‘Ready Steady Read’ for schools or ‘Ready Steady Listen’ for nurseries. Children are sponsored by friends and family and the money raised buys them brand new books

Whether or not a school holds an event, they can receive a 30% discount on books and free delivery.

To contact Sophie:

Phone/WhatsApp: 07857460347

Instagram: @sophies.storybooks.edinburgh


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