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Sophie’s Usborne Book Recommendations

Are you looking for an engaging Christmas present? Look no further!

Birth - One Year: Baby's Very First Slide and See Animals

Babies will love moving the sliders to reveal different animals from the jungle! Brilliant for developing essential motor skills and hand-eye coordination. £8.99


1-2 years: Little Peep-Through Books

Very young children will love peeping through the holes and touching the textured pages in this charmingly beautiful hide-and-seek board book series. £5.99


2-3 years: Music Books: Carnival of the Animals/ The Animal Orchestra Plays Mozart

Children will love looking at the beautifully illustrated animal scenes while pressing the pages to hear special arrangements from Saint-Saens and Mozart's famous work! £12.99


3-4 years: Peep Inside series

A delightful series filled with intricately cut flaps and holes to peep through. A charming introduction to the world around us for young children. £7.99


4-5 years: Sticker Books - Make your Own Monsters (for boys)

Build the biggest, scariest monsters from the land of Ravenhold in this thrilling activity book, sure to provide hours of fun! £6.99

4-5 years: Sticker Books - Little Sticker Dolly Dressing (for girls)

With over 200 reusable stickers of clothes and accessories, these enchanting activity books can be enjoyed again and again. £5.99


5-6 years: Magic Painting series

Getting creative has never been more fun or mess-free! Children can reveal colourful scenes using only water and the brush provided. £5.99


6-7 years: Jigsaw and Puzzle books

Discover the wonders of our universe with these fold-out books and 200 piece jigsaws, packed with fascinating facts and links to websites to find out more! £9.99


7-8 years: Embroidery Kits

Everything you need to embroider, frame and hang beautiful animals, with a simple step-by-step instruction book included! £9.99


8-9 years: Write your Own series

From making magazines and plotting epic poems to dreaming up brand-new fantasy worlds, our Write Your Own books are jam-packed with hints and tips to inspire your child's next big ideas! £9.99


9-10 years: 100 Things to Know series

A fun and informative series packed with fascinating facts about different subjects. With bright infographic style illustrations and detailed facts on every page! £9.99


10-11 years: Politics for Beginners

An informative guide to politics all explained with clear text and bright illustrations. Includes tips on how to argue and debate! Also in the series: Philosophy, Economics, Money and Business. £9.99


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