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The Compass School Awarded GOLD Status as a UN Rights Respecting School

We are delighted to announce that The Compass School has been awarded Gold status as a United Nations Rights Respecting School following a visit to the School by an RRS Assessor in the summer!

This is a significant landmark on the School’s Rights Respecting Schools journey and the culmination of four years’ work which began back in the Autumn Term of 2018 and has seen the School achieve firstly the Bronze award and then Silver. Whilst the pandemic and the two associated lockdowns slowed the School’s advance towards achieving the Gold award, the children and staff wanted to ensure that the Rights Of The Child were firmly embedded within the School’s curriculum and within the whole school community, before requesting the assessor to visit. They were therefore very pleased that the assessor could see clear and strong evidence of the School’s credentials as a Gold Rights Respecting School when he visited the School at the end of May.

Mr Becher, the Headmaster, said: “Credit must go to all of the children and staff, supported by our parents, for their hard work, support and their commitment to achieving Gold status. Without this, we would not be in the strong position we are now. I am particularly grateful to our Rights Respecting Schools Steering Group, made up of children and staff representatives, who have helped to lead this initiative and have proposed so many great ideas and initiatives for us to develop as a Rights Respecting School.

That effort and commitment does not now stop having achieved Gold and we are pleased that the RRS organisation now have a programme of re-validation in place, so to ensure that schools having achieved Gold status, continue to uphold the high standards and quality of approach which has resulted in that award being made during the years that follow. How we build on this prestigious award will very much be at the forefront of our school development work during the months ahead.

Well done and thank you to everyone involved in achieving this considerable success!”

For further details about The Compass School, please contact the Headteacher, Mr Becher, by telephoning 01620 822642.


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