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Nurturing Future Problem Solvers at The Montessori School in Murrayfield, Edinburgh

Our Montessori education has gained worldwide acclaim for its unique approach to fostering independent, critical thinking in children. One of the standout benefits of this approach is how it guides children to be exceptional problem solvers. But how does Montessori education do this so well?

Hands-On Learning at Montessori School Edinburgh
Hands-On Learning at Montessori School Edinburgh

1. Hands-On Learning: Our Montessori classroom is filled with tactile, interactive materials designed to engage a child's senses and curiosity. Through these materials, our students explore concepts and solve problems in a concrete, tangible way. This hands-on learning not only makes abstract ideas easier to understand, but also encourages children to experiment and find solutions through trial and error.

2. Self-Directed Exploration: Montessori education places a premium on self-directed learning. At our school, children choose their activities and work at their own pace. This autonomy allows them to explore topics that genuinely interest them, motivating them to solve problems they encounter along the way. This freedom nurtures a sense of ownership and responsibility for their own learning journey.

Collaboration and Peer Learning at The Montessori School Edinburgh
Collaboration and Peer Learning at The Montessori School Edinburgh

3. Collaboration and Peer Learning: In mixed-age Montessori classes, our students interact with peers of a diverse age range. This dynamic encourages each individual child to share and develop their skills with friends of different ages, celebrating their unique talents and fostering a collaborative atmosphere. This not only helps children grasp different perspectives but it also teaches them valuable social and teamwork skills.

4. Focus on Independence: Our Montessori educators serve as guides rather than lecturers. This approach encourages students to take initiative and seek answers independently. Children learn to research, analyse, and synthesize information, vital skills for tackling complex problems in the future.

Real-Life Application at The Montessori School in Murrayfield, Edinburgh
Real-Life Application at The Montessori School in Murrayfield, Edinburgh

5. Real-Life Application: Montessori activities often relate to real-life scenarios, making learning meaningful and practical. Our students have the opportunity to go out into the community in search of answers to their questions about a topic of interest. When students understand how their knowledge applies to the world around them, they are better equipped to solve real-world problems with confidence.

6. Critical Thinking and Creativity: Montessori education nurtures critical thinking and creativity by encouraging children to ask questions, think outside the box and develop their unique problem-solving approaches. This creativity is invaluable when tackling new challenges.

In a world where problem-solving skills are highly prized, Montessori education stands out as a powerful catalyst for nurturing young minds into adept and innovative problem solvers. Famous Montessori graduates include the tech pioneers Sergey Brin and Larry Page, co-founders of Google, who credit their Montessori education for fostering creativity and independence. By encouraging independence, curiosity, collaboration, and a love of learning, The Montessori School in Murrayfield equips children with the tools they need to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow with confidence and ingenuity.

We are holding an Open Day for our new School on 18 November 2023, 2-3.30pm.

Exciting opportunity to find out more about the new Montessori primary school The Montessori School, Edinburgh

Venue: 2b Ormidale Terrace, EH12 6EQ

(within the grounds of Murrayfield Parish Church)

To find out more and to book a visit at any time, contact:-

The Montessori School Edinburgh, Murrayfield, EH12 6EQ

Tel 0131 346 8921


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