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We’ve Moved!

LS Tuition is so delighted to announce the grand opening of their brand-new Learning Space

Lydia Scaltsas, Primary School Teacher and Founder of LS Tuition
Lydia Scaltsas, Primary School Teacher and Founder of LS Tuition

Nursery and School Guides asks Lydia Scaltsas, Primary School Teacher and Founder of LS Tuition, (for children 4yrs-12yrs) about her new and upgraded Tuition Space.

You only just launched the first Learning Space in January of 2022! What prompted this move so soon?

The success of our Learning Space has been undeniable. Our students engage so enthusiastically with the Space, and we felt as though our first Learning Space simply was not large enough to accommodate the ideas and expansions we had in mind. Our new Learning Space supports our vision in continuing to grow LS Tuition and support as many children as possible.

For learning to be meaningful, it needs to be an all-encompassing holistic experience for the child. The environment matters, as does the relationship between child and Tutor, and our Learning Space has been designed, and further upgraded, with the needs of the child in mind.

What new and exciting expansions can we expect in the brand-new Learning Space?

The LS Tuition Learning Space has been specifically designed, not only to be a fun and engaging working space for children, but actually to play an active role in your child’s learning experience and development. Our classroom has been designed to stimulate your child to actively engage with every part of the space; whether this is reading in the library corner with a furry friend; displaying a picture of themselves working hard on our LS Tuition Wall of Fame; using our Wall Caterpillar to count to 100; spending 5 minutes in the Mindfulness Area to discuss and regulate some tough emotions; selecting a positive affirmation and setting lesson intentions; rummaging through our expansive selection of active learning resources; or even just putting their birthday up on the Birthday Wall to make sure they receive a special something on their special day!

We are most excited about our new Imagination Station which functions as a challenge station for children to engage with. Our vision here is to consistently update this area with various activities that will engage children of all ages in critical thinking and problem-solving, and in developing other key milestones such as their fine and gross motor skills.

Our children have been loving our Imagination Station so far…as have our Tutors!

We are also delighted to have a separate ‘quiet zone’ which provides a safe space for children to decompress when needed and allows for some additional privacy. Children will often come to us having just experienced a full day of school and feeling tired and overstimulated – and this is on a good day! This is why we advertise as being so much more than traditional Tuition. We are a holistic service that caters to the ‘whole’ child ongoing, and we are constantly thinking of new ways we can continue to support every part of the child alongside the academic aspect of their Tutoring.

Our Learning Space has been designed through the eyes of a child and every inch has been developed to support your children in having a friendly, supportive, and holistic learning experience alongside their regular schooling.

Tell us about your exciting new partnership with STAND.

STAND (Stronger for Autism and Neurodivergence) is a new charity based in Edinburgh advocating for the rights and education of neurodivergent children, especially those who are school refusers or who cannot attend mainstream schooling due to the level of need or other barriers such as anxiety.

LS Tuition is delighted to have recently partnered with STAND to offer bespoke Tuition to neurodiverse children across Edinburgh.

Alongside our educational support, we are also offering a Family Support Group for the wider network around the child.

This is an incredible opportunity for us, and we could not be more thrilled to be a part of this wonderful project working alongside STAND.

We truly believe that no child should ever face barriers to their learning and are committed to meeting each child at their starting level, and slowly breaking down these barriers to ensure that education is attainable for all.

If you have a neurodiverse child and would like some additional support, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Tell us a little more about your exciting new Summer School Venture in the New Learning Space.

LS Tuition is launching its latest venture: LS Tuition Summer School ! Our experience in Tutoring and working with families across the country has supported us in understanding that the summer is a particular time of challenge for many of our learners. Whilst ‘down-time’ is fundamental, this 6-week period of absence from school brings other challenges such as dysregulation from consistent routine and the well-known ‘summer brain’ whereby children find themselves back at school in August feeling as though they have forgotten everything they learned previously.

Our Summer School has been designed to support children in maintaining vital consistency/routine whilst also keeping their foot in the door with regard to their education. It is a bridge to regular schooling but also with a view toward keeping the pressure low and allowing children to feel as though they are still taking a break from the school year.

Our new Learning Space is a vital ‘team player’ in the successful running of our Summer School. The expansion of the space itself, paired with our new and upgraded classroom ‘zones’ and resources, works to ensure that we will be providing an unparalleled experience for all of our Summer School Learners.

For more information about our Summer School and to book your child’s space, please visit:

How can people get in touch and book lessons?

We welcome Parents/Carers/Families to contact us via our:


Social Media Pages:

Facebook: LS Tuition

Instagram: @lydias_tuition



As we provide such a personalised experience, and every learner has individual needs, we offer a free of charge initial phone/video call to discuss each particular student request, and how we could individually support each child/family.

Whether you are interested in our Summer School Program or 1:1 Tuition, I welcome you to get in touch today to see how we can support your family. We can’t wait to begin working with you!

LS Tuition Learning Space


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