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Why be a chorister at St Mary’s Music School?

Does your child enjoy singing? Are they due to start P4 or P5 next year?

Being a chorister at St Mary’s is a highly rewarding experience. Children receive a first-class, all-round education in a caring environment. Aside from the outstanding musical training, small class sizes mean academic standards are extremely high.

Children of all faiths and none are all welcome to join.

What makes a child suited to being a chorister?

No formal singing experience is necessary. If your 7 or 8-year-old is always singing and tends to remember the words to a song, they may well suit being a chorister.

A chorister’s life

The life of a chorister is split between time spent at the Cathedral and Song School and their academic education at St Mary's Music School. Staff from the Cathedral and school work closely together to ensure that every child is supported both academically and pastorally.

Between the ages of 9 and 13 choristers follow a five-year programme. An average day includes a morning rehearsal, the normal school day and an afternoon rehearsal followed by a cathedral service. Individual music practice is timetabled alongside academic lessons so pupils never miss out. It is well known that the structure and discipline of the chorister routine provide excellent foundations for later life.

“Ridiculous though it may sound, I think my life was turned around and made remarkable by being a chorister. Any success I have enjoyed I put down entirely to that."
Alexander Armstrong, former chorister

“There are massive opportunities to develop musicianship and it’s a wonderful environment – the Cathedral offers the best type of musical training for sight-singing that you’ll get anywhere.”


Choristers attend St Mary’s on Cathedral or government bursaries. Up to 100% financial support is available.

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