Why tuition is so much more than simply learning how to read and count…

Lydia Scaltsas, Primary School Teacher, Founder and Private Tutor: LS Tuition

What is LS Tuition?

LS Tuition is a company that tutors Primary School children (aged 4 – 12). We tutor children in all curricular areas, though Literacy and Numeracy are the most requested learning areas. We tutor within Early Level, First Level and Second Level against the benchmarks as set out by the Curriculum for Excellence.

What does LS Tuition stand for?

The ‘LS’ in ‘LS Tuition’ stands for my tagline: “Learn in a Supportive Environment with Lydia Scaltsas”. This very much represents my ethos and my way of working.

Where does tuition take place?

Tuition takes place both in person, in the child’s home, and online in the ‘LS Tuition Virtual Classroom’. This is a fully interactive classroom that allows both myself and the child to collaborate together and work in real-time through their learning journey.

Why LS Tuition?

LS Tuition was born over the summer of 2020 where I was extending a helping hand to friends and family as a result of the pandemic. Through doing this I discovered a real passion and drive to design learning based on fundamental health and wellbeing principles, and to create an environment where children are destined for academic success by first nourishing their emotional and mental wellbeing. Learning is, and should be fun! Children learn best when they do not even realise they are learning.

How does it work?

Parents can contact me through the website, email or phone. We firstly discuss the specific requirements for tuition, the child’s current working level and feedback from school. This information, plus my own ongoing assessment enables me to then develop an individually tailored learning program that best supports each learner, based on their academic goals and who they are as an individual.

“Superb teacher! Engaging and well structured lessons. Tremendous ability to spot every student’s individual level and learning needs. Our girls look forward to every lesson with Lydia!”

In what way is LS Tuition based on fundamental health and wellbeing principles?

One of the most impactful things I have had the honour of learning throughout my teacher training and career is that all learning starts with the child, the person, the relationship. I cannot emphasise enough how important it is that we prioritise first your child’s feelings surrounding their learning, and their attitude/perception of themselves as a learner. This is especially true now as we continue to work through the pandemic and the effects of this. You can have all the tuition sessions in the world, buy the best learning resources and devote everything to your child’s education; yet if their attitude towards their learning is not understood and addressed first, learning simply will not occur. This is my mission with LS Tuition: to provide a high-quality learning experience that is personalised - not only to your child’s academic ability, but also to them as unique individuals.

Does LS Tuition teach more than academic content?

By contrast to the typical definition of ‘tuition’, LS Tuition invests in the ‘whole child’. We are a tuition company that takes a holistic view of each child and their journey in life. Whilst my goal is to transfer knowledge, my holistic aim is to do this is a way that makes sense to your child individually, allows your child to flourish in their own unique way, makes use, nourishes and supports all aspects of your children as people and supports their personal growth alongside their academic advancement.

Do children seek tuition for different reasons?

An old-fashioned view here is that tuition is mostly for children who require support to meet national expectations. My aim is to redefine the role ‘tuition’ can play in a child’s life and demonstrate that the above is only one small aspect of what tuition can do for your family. Of course, many parents do seek out tuition for children who may need support in understanding a particular learning area/concept; or for areas of ‘’missed learning’ due to the pandemic. However, there are also children who come to tuition specifically to be challenged further beyond the challenge-level they receive in school. These are children who are ready to take the next step in their learning and need an experienced professional to nourish their ability and natural curiosity.

One positive aspect born from the pandemic is that more parents are beginning to seek out tuition specifically to benefit the emotional health and wellbeing of their children. These are children who may be capable of achieving academically, but whose own perception of themselves as learners hinders their progress. In this case, it is my job to instil confidence, promote belief in themselves, and enable your child to feel powerful in themselves and their abilities. Success should evolve with each individual child. Many parents seek tuition for short-term exam preparation; while others come to view tuition in the same way you might view any other extra-curricular activity; long-term, on-going and a fundamental complement to mainstream schooling.

“Lydia is highly organised and experienced. She has a lovely way with our daughter empowering her and getting straight to the teaching material that will have the greatest impact on her performance and confidence. Highly recommend.”