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How old are your pupils?

Around 95% of our pupils are at secondary school. Many pupils are preparing for National 4, National 5, Highers or Advanced Highers.


What subjects do you offer?

Over 50% of parents approach us for Maths tutoring, which is my specialism. But we offer tutoring in all primary and secondary subjects across the Scottish and English curriculums.


Is it possible to trial a tutor before committing to weekly lessons?

Yes. We offer a free 60-minute lesson to all new students.


What is the minimum lesson duration?

1 hour. However, students studying for Highers and Advanced Highers may benefit from 1.5-2-hour lessons. This is especially true before exams, when lessons incorporate past papers.


We now offer group lessons (2-3 students) online at competitive rates, which makes tutoring more affordable.

Caledonia Tutors

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