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UK Comparison Table of School Year Groups 

In Scotland the education system is slightly different to other parts of the UK.


In the state school system you don't get a choice of schools, families are allocated the school that serves your home postcode (with a catholic option). The Scottish Curriculum is known as Curriculum for Excellence (CfE)  - with final years exams being  National 5, (similar to GCSE's), Higher (similar to the old AS level) and Advanced Higher exams (similar to A Level). 

Private schools in Scotland are referred to as Independent Schools. Some follow the Scottish curriculum, some the English curriculum or International qualifications. In Edinburgh most independent schools entry ages are the same as the state schools although much more flexible.

One of the best tables I found for displaying the various year group names, ages and curriculum is this one below provided by the RAF families federation. 

School year groups across the UK

As I could not improve this well laid out table, the RAF  kindly give me permission to host this great resource below. Click here to download their PDF : 

You can also read more about the Education in all parts of the UK on RAF Families website here.

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