• Laura Vida

10 Reasons to host a family ceilidh

  1. Ceilidhs are exhilarating, joyous events which make any occasion memorable.

  2. The physical nature of a ceilidh means young children let off steam and everyone gets a workout. (You’ll deserve the cake afterwards and everyone should sleep well!)

  3. Children will practise listening and responding to music in a fun, meaningful context.

  4. In a simplified Scottish dance, the figures require little skill or confidence. So even the dance-averse happily join in.

  5. A ceilidh is a great way for young and old to bond; it always works best when they partner up.

  6. Taking part helps young children develop social skills (turn taking, patience, courtesy etc.) and improves everyone else’s!

  7. A ceilidh provides entertainment that’s safe, absorbing and structured! (What more could a parent want?)

  8. Scottish dancing will develop a young child’s gross motor skills, coordination and balance.

  9. There’s a lot of simple counting (up to 8) involved. This will benefit your little ones.

  10. Why not keep Scottish culture alive.

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CeilidhKids’ FAQS

What’s the ideal age to join in?

You can join in with your family from any age, even by bouncing along in a baby carrier, but those aged three and upwards will get most benefit. Any under-fives will need to partner an adult or older child.

Are Scottish dances tricky for young children?

We always adapt the dances to make them highly inclusive. In the past we have run many events for nurseries and those with additional needs.

How long does the dancing typically last?

It depends on the event and the group of people. We are happy to discuss your requirements, but 45 minutes to an hour is usually a good length.

Will you organise the whole event?

No! Just the music and the dancing. But we call and demonstrate the dances, join you on the dancefloor and provide the necessary equipment (PA system, recorded music and radio microphone, or a musician for a special occasion).

Looking for an organised event ? Here are two happening in January (To be confirmed).

Family Ceilidh for Burns

SUNDAY JANUARY 23rd 2022 2 pm– 3pm and 3.15pm-4.15pm due to demand.

St Mark's Portobello

Family ceilidh for to celebrate Burns - suitable for families with preschoolers and upwards.

Bring your own refreshments, and wear tartan if you wish.

Suggested donation of £5 per family.

Spaces limited; please email ceilidhkids@ceilidhkids.com to book your place.

Schoolage Family Ceilidh


Corstorphine Old Parish Church

A family ceilidh for everyone, but aimed at those families with children old enough for school. Dances will be done in the usual way (rather than simplified) and dancers may occasionally be required to hold hands with people they don't know. Bring your own refreshments.

Suggested donation of £5 per family.

Spaces limited-please email ceilidhkids@ceilidhkids.com to book your place.