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5 Ways to find a Reliable Childminder in Edinburgh

5 Ways to find a Reliable Childminder in Edinburgh
5 Ways to find a Reliable Childminder in Edinburgh


Would your child benefit from a smaller, more homely setting? At £6-£9 per hour, on average, a childminder is the most affordable option. So it’s worth doing the research.  But try to avoid a last-minute scramble.  

The younger your child is, the more organised you, arguably, need to be. Not all childminders accept preschoolers. They can only care for one child under the age of 12 months, no more than six children under the age of 12, and no more than three preschoolers. 

1. Ask Around

A word-of-mouth recommendation is gold dust when it comes from someone you trust. Established childminders will be known locally. They often drop off and collect children from local primary schools. And you’ll see them in near-by parks and libraries. It’s also worth making enquiries at the local toddler group. 

The search tool on the website enables you to look for childminders using your town and postcode. The accompanying area map also allows you to see where they live. And you’ll find contact details for each childminder. Plus details of opening times, fees and their accepted age-range. The search tool is FREE OF CHARGE. However, many legally registered childminders are not listed on the site.  

By law, childminding services in Scotland must be registered with the Care Inspectorate. So the Care Inspectorate’s website lists every childminder in your area. You can download the Care Inspectorate’s latest report (by clicking on the 6-digit report number) which includes the ratings for each registered childminder. Ratings are on a six-point scale from 1 (Unsatisfactory) to 6 (Excellent). They fall into three categories: Care and support; the environment; staffing, management and leadership.

You could also use the search tool to find childminders. But the process takes time. (We tried it!) 

You’ll find a list of childminders with partner-provider status. If you choose a childminder here, you should be eligible for the 1140 funded childcare hours. 

5. Still stuck? Try 

It’s free to register and advertise your requirements. However, if you wish to search for a childminder, you will need to pay a minimum of £14.99 for 14-days. You can use the site to search for nannies and babysitters too. We took a look and found lots of childminders listed with parent testimonials and a detailed CV. NB: Parents would still be advised to check that a potential childminder is registered on the Care Inspectorate’s website. 

Childminder FAQs

What exactly is a childminder?

Childminders provide childcare in their own domestic setting. Like a parent or carer, many also take children out to libraries, toddler groups and local parks.

When do childminders work? 

Being self-employed, the childminder determines their working hours. But you ought to be able to negotiate a contract that suits you both. 

When should I start looking for a childminder?

Ideally, 5-6 months in advance if you live in Edinburgh. But just as soon as you can!


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