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Fettes Prep School Unveils 'Prep for Life' Vision

Charlie Minogue Headmaster,  Fettes College Preparatory School
Charlie Minogue Headmaster, Fettes College Preparatory School

In 2016, research for the World Economic Forum concluded that 65% of primary aged children would be doing jobs that didn’t currently exist - I suspect that the number may now need to be revised upwards.

At Fettes Prep, we believe that schools have a duty to prepare children for the world as it is now and will be in the future, rather than how the world has been in the past. Our new vision ‘Prep for Life’ sets out in 3 strands how we plan to give our children an advantage in the next stages of their education and prepare them for their future in a rapidly changing world.

Prep for the Future

Our outstanding teachers are redesigning their lesson planning to teach the required knowledge  from their schemes while encouraging the children to think in very particular ways.  

Knowledge is therefore being acquired through practising critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, resilience and empathy.  This innovative approach is resulting in some very interesting lessons.

Prep for Fettes Senior School

A range of initiatives will ensure we provide the best possible preparation for moving up to Fettes Senior School, allowing us to prepare our children more holistically for the opportunities they will have in what is a world class senior school.

Prep for a Kinder Tomorrow

Kindness has always mattered to us as a school, but schools must be proactive in combating some negative influences on their culture from social media and the internet. In seeking to embed kindness into all aspects of school life we will focus on reviewing pupil leadership, rewards, sanctions and shared language, as well as incorporating the teaching and assessment of empathy through normal curriculum lessons. This innovative approach was featured in a recent article in The Sunday Times.


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