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Meet Fettes Prep Headmaster - Charlie Minogue

We speak to Charlie Minogue, Headmaster at Fettes Prep, to find out the school and its strengths.

Headmaster Mr Charlie Minogue,  47
Headmaster Mr Charlie Minogue, 47

Do you have children?

Two children (10 and 13)

How long have you been at the school?

My first term started in Autumn 2022.

How many years have you held a head teachers post?

Seven years

What are the particular strengths of your school?

Fettes Prep is a kind school where all interests and skills are valued equally. Teaching does not simply focus on the acquisition of knowledge but on thinking skills and generating potentially life-long interest in a subject.

How do you equip a child for life in the 21st century?

The world is changing at a bewildering pace and young people will need skills such as creativity and critical thought to be successful. Excellent teachers encourage these as a matter of course.

Find out more about Fettes Prep School here.


Fettes College & Prep School Inverleith 􏰀

0131 332 2281

7-18 years

Co-educational preparatory and senior boarding school with day pupils


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