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Nursery Owners Launch - SPNA

Scottish Private Nursery Association (SPNA) are proud to be relatively new formalised organisation supporting the Private, Voluntary and Independent (PVI) sector.

Our aim is to work collectively and respectfully with all stakeholders who have the ability and the desires to make the changes and outcomes better for children in Scotland along with their families and our workforce.

We hope by collaborating with the present organisations who continue representing the Early Years, that SPNA has the knowledge and experience the true pains, which can only be gained by working on the Coal Face. And by doing this together we can bring more solutions and ideas to the changes that are required.

We have been continuously told by Government that the PVI , and childminders are crucial to families and children, and whilst we have been patient, challenged and continue to be challenged by Covid, our time is now running out.

Funding should follow the child

Many things need addressed, yet the most critical campaign we are working on, as well as Childminders, is that we all welcomed Scottish Government policy of 1140 funding for all of our 3-5 year old and eligible 2 year olds, is not ‘following the child’ as it was intented by Scottish Government.

The money first goes to the council, who then decide how much each child attending a PVI/ childminder gets. Out of 32 Authorities we believe only 3 are giving the same equal amount, and the other 29 are withholding the childs funding for their own needs, sadly equating to millions..

This is very concerning , very unfair , and we question if it is even legal.

SPNA have requested clear transparency be given on this, and that if true, that they must urgently consider an indeoendant body distribute the childs funding, into a voucher system or a cbhildcare account. This then is a solution which allows the child a choice, and families can use the funding in a flexible way, even across a mixture of private, childminders and Local Authority.

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Sharon Fairley Director and founder Little Flyers Childcare


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