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Rebuilding a career after children

Returning to the workplace can be challenging for any mother, but after eight years as a stay-at-home mum, Alicia Cowley decided the time was right. Now working as a Client Service Manager at leading investment firm Baillie Gifford, she tells us more about her journey back to the professional world.

Before having children, Alicia had worked in financial services in London and Singapore. As she looked around for opportunities, she was attracted by Baillie Gifford’s programme to retrain as a Client Service Manager:

“Baillie Gifford has a culture that respects all opinions and viewpoints – I was impressed by their openness to recruiting people from a range of backgrounds.”

Alicia was also impressed with the range of support available to her as a working parent. As well as training courses and executive coaching to help with the transition, she was assigned a line manager from a similar background, who helped her adjust to the professional environment.

“Going back to work was challenging both professionally and emotionally. My role is to provide Baillie Gifford’s clients with the best possible service, and the clients must come first. However, the firm is always supportive if one of my children is sick or I need to attend a school concert. It’s an ongoing journey as my family’s needs change and my career evolves.”

Now in her third year, Alicia is a vital part of the Asia team, with particular responsibility for clients in Singapore and Thailand. She describes Baillie Gifford as an exciting and dynamic place to work:

“It’s a privilege to be part of a company that is researching and investing in companies that are changing the world and shaping all of our futures.”

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