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Top 10 New Parent Pre-birth Essentials

I’m now about 9 weeks into life with a baby. Like many new parents, I did a ton of research and spent ages compiling a pre-birth ‘essentials’ list. (Great fun if you enjoy pretending to be organised!) This ‘Top 10’ includes sleep- and sanity-saving hand-me-downs that I would not have thought of myself. Do beg, borrow and steal ;)! from your chums if you can! That way you'll be able to spend all the savings on coffee and cake! And… obviously, you’ll help preserve the planet.

1. Short sleeve newborn bodysuits (Unless your baby is a whopper or premature, ‘newborn' should really be fine!)

2. Long sleeve sleepsuits with in-built scratch mittens (If you get size 0-3 months, they will look big at first, but last longer!)

3. A Sleepyhead pod/DockATot dock. It mimics the womb so is a lifesaver in the early days when the baby may not like its cot! It's also brill if you need to move your baby around the house/ to a window due to jaundice. Also, crucially, the pod is light so transportable. (The jury is out on whether these are safe to sleep in at night. But very sensible friends have used it for multiple sprogs with no problem!)

4. A sling. Again, this is the best way to make your baby feel happy and relaxed in the early days. It also allows you to move around! You could be bohemian and get a wrap one. But if you don’t like tying things, one like this might be better!

5. Cream to prevent and alleviate nappy rash. Get one that actually works such as Sudocrem.

6. Muslins

7. A car seat if this is how you are coming home! It’s illegal to travel without!

8. Cellular blankets

9. Little Gubbins' nappy changing kit. It is practical, neat and eco-friendly. More details here.

10. A copy of ‘Your Baby Week by Week’ by Cave & Fertleman. (Probably best to get the updated version unless you are an antedeluvian or stingy like me.) You only need to read a few pages each week and it clearly outlines absolutely everything you need to know about nappies, feeding, common skin problems, crying, sleeping etc. It continues to prepare me (and my husband) for the week ahead!

For a far more comprehensive online list of essentials (not mine), click here. And should you have any suggestions, please get in touch!

NB The above article is editorially independent. (Unsponsored content.)



Laura Vida

Feature Writer @Edinburgh Nursery & School Guide

& Freelance Writer


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