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League Tables for State Primary and Secondary Schools in Edinburgh & the Lothians

Edinburgh Secondary Schools Exam Results
Edinburgh Primary Schools Attainment Levels

What makes a ‘good’ school?

There are many factors that make a school ‘good’, most
of which are best discovered by asking local
parents. Here we have collated current data regarding each school’s size, demographic and academic results.


How we created these league tables

Education Scotland does not publish league tables and performance data. This may be because parents are not generally able to choose between schools. You will only
be guaranteed a place at one non-denominational and Roman Catholic primary and secondary school in your catchment area. If you live outside your prefered school’s catchment area, you will need to make a placing request and will only be granted a place if there is one available. So we have taken the key data from the Scottish Government Publications in order to present our findings as follows:


Primary school rankings

We have listed these primary schools according to the Higher exam results of their associated secondary school. Next we ranked these primary schools in that catchment area according to the percentage of pupils attaining the expected reading, writing and numeracy level in P7.


Secondary school rankings

We have listed secondary schools from highest to lowest according to the percentage of students who gained five or more Higher qualifications. Exam results are only one measure of a school’s performance. How a school educates the whole child and supports their social and emotional development is also important. However, school results will usually determine an individual’s options for further education and employment, so they are a useful and important statistic when comparing schools.

We recognise that a school’s catchment demographic will have a bearing on its academic attainment results. So we have also listed a schools characteristic such as pupil rolls, pupil-teacher ratios, the percentage of pupils entitled to free school meals and the percentage of pupils requiring support for learning. This context should help you build a more nuanced picture of each school’s performance.

It is important to note that the 2021/22 year group were affected by the coronavirus pandemic and teacher strikes. Care must be taken when comparing the attainment of 2021/22 school leavers with that of earlier years.


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League Tables - State Primary & Secondary Schools
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