Nursery Ratings

Who inspects and rates the nurseries and when?

The nurseries listed on this site have a column that displays the Care Inspectorate’s rating and the date of the last inspection. In a few cases the Inspectorate has not been to re-inspect the nursery for a few years, so bear in mind a lot could have changed since the inspection, both for better or worse. We collected the data for these listings in November each year. In the meantime some nurseries will have been re-inspected and may have a new report so to read the latest and full reports see:

NOTE: The Care Inspectorate’s ratings should only form part of your assessment process. 

The Inspectorate in Scotland looks at four main areas of performance and grades these accordingly using a six-point scale (6 = the best).

We have displayed the dates services were inspected (or a single date if the nursery has had a full inspection) and grades awarded by The Inspectorate, for the following areas of performance, in this particular order:

with Us

The 4 areas inspected are:
Grade terms are as follows:
Total Grades

We the 'Nursery Guide' have combined the grades awarded to the nursery by the Inspectorate across the four main areas of performance to provide an overall score and summary using the following terms: 

Grade totals.jpeg

To read the latest and full reports see: