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How to find the best daycare nursery for your child.

Day nurseries usually care for children from three months up to five years old. Using our nursery listings you should be able to find a selection of nurseries in your preferred area. Usually we advise you call one or two to arrange a time to visit. But last year nurseries have not been able to invite parents into the nursery, so parents have needed to fact-find over the phone and online.

We advise asking local parents if they can recommend a nursery. Check Facebook pages and local groups. Other parents will often know a nursery with a good reputation. They’ll tell you if they have heard anything positive or negative about a nursery you’re interested in.

When enquiring over the phone

We have prepared a checklist to help prompt you towards the sort of questions and things to consider when selecting a nursery. Underline the questions that most interest you and can be asked over the phone. Then compare your findings with any other nursery you are phoning.

When visiting a nursery

Remember, your own first impressions are the most important. Is it a friendly, welcoming atmosphere? What do you see? Are the staff calm and organised? Do the children look happy and occupied? Does the nursery meet your expectations? Listen and look but go with your instincts.

This PDF is packed with a comprehensive list of questions to consider when visiting a nursery.

2023 Nursery Guide Check List Pull Out
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