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10 Reasons why we love Voxblock

Worried about your child’s literacy levels? Looking for screen-free, 100% healthy entertainment? If so, this new audiobook player may prove a godsend.

It’s 100% safe

No need to worry about inappropriate content. Your child can only listen to audiobooks on the device.

It’s distraction free

No flashing screen. No bleeping at bedtime. Your child is able to focus on the story being told.

The range of quality content

Your child will build up a knowledge of quality traditional and modern titles, all recently recorded by renowned storytellers. Why not check out the audiobook offering here. You’ll find all of the major children’s publishing houses represented.

Enriches your child’s vocabulary & broadens their horizons

We know that children need to be exposed to new language & experiences in order to thrive. These carefully chosen audiobooks are rich in both.

Internet-free & portable

Listen to stories on the move and on holiday. Out loud or using headphones.

It’s a doddle to use

Large buttons for small people. So zero fiddling around. Zero frustration. The rechargeable battery lasts for days, not hours. Charge using the USB-C cable provided. The handy sleep mode means the player stops 20 minutes after bedtime.

It promotes independence

The Voxblock’s intuitive design means a 3-year-old will be able to operate the buttons (play, pause, volume + or -, forwards or backwards) without help.

Audio becomes tangible

Voxblock’s beautifully designed audiobooks resemble paperback books. So children can enjoy the link between the physical object and the story. The chunky format also means they are difficult to lose!

Its timeless style

The hardwearing audiobooks look great on a child’s shelf. But the audiobook player has a neutral appearance — it won’t ever feel dated.

Its robust construction

The Voxblock (audiobook player) is made of hardy plastic. Brightly coloured bumpers are also available. The audiobooks were also designed to be shockproof!

It’s environmentally conscious

With few components, the Voxblock audioplayer was designed to last. What’s more, the audiobooks are made of extremely robust card and sustainable glue. All packaging is also fully recyclable.

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