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Meet the Head: Clifton Hall School

We speak to Rod Grant, the Headmaster at Clifton Hall School, to learn more about the school's strengths and how to equip a child for life in the 21st century.

Rod Grant. Age: 57
Rod Grant. Age: 57

Do you have children?

1 son, Amos, aged 14 and 3 step-children, Jessica (38), Stevie (34) and Robyn (26)

How long have you been at the school?

Since August 2005 (17 years)

How many years have you held a head teachers post?

17 years

What are the particular strengths of your school?

Central to Clifton Hall’s ethos is our focus on strong relationships between staff and students, built on mutual respect. In a school, which has a set capacity (under 500), we are able to create a greater opportunity to personalize each child’s education.

What is your vision for this school?

The vision is really quite simple. I’ve tried to create a school that I would want to attend as a child.

How do you equip a child for life in the 21st century?

The answer to this requires a dissertation. However, in brief, the focus should be on kindness and hard work. The greatest indicators for future success are built on being personable and having a tangible and well-honed work ethic.

Find out more about Clifton Hall School visit their new website here.


Clifton Hall School Newbridge, Edinburgh

0131 333 1359

3-18 years

Day School

Co-educational: Nursery, Junior and Senior


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