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Cloudberry Gifts are Open

Cloudberry are back open for business (10am - 4pm Monday to Saturday) for takeaway coffee shop and gifts!

After months of lockdown we are so happy to tell you all that both our Barnton and Blackhall shops are open.

This coincides with our tenth anniversary of opening the shop in Barnton!

We appreciate that many of us are still shielding, homeschooling and dealing with the impacts of corona, so we are still offering our free local delivery service on gifts too.

PLUS we are starting Click and Collect in store – please allow 24 hours before you pick up anything you’ve ordered online. However Click and Collect will be quicker in the most part than our local delivery service.

This has been a tough time for all of us, and as a small, local business we rely on the ongoing support of our community.   We can’t wait to see you all.

93 Whitehouse Road, Barnton, Edinburgh EH4 6BU Tel: 0131 538 0168

1 Craigcrook Place, Blackhall, Edinburgh EH4 3NG Tel: 0131 467 2878


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