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Finding the right childcare

Q & A with Sarah Warburton, founder of TrioCare

Q: I work from home part-time and I would like my 1-year-old child to be looked after for 3 mornings/week in the local area. What options do I have? I’d like to find an affordable solution that doesn’t compromise my child’s well-being.

A: There are many options for families. In this case, you will need to think hard about the family dynamic.

As you are working from home and the child is only 1, I would recommend a childminder or a nursery over a nanny. This is because the child is too young to understand that the parent/guardian is in another room and they cannot have access to them. There is a risk that the parent/guardian would get distracted and/or inadvertently distract and unsettle the child. For example, if the parent/guardian is in a meeting or on the phone. This would make it difficult for a nanny who was (say) waiting for a weary child to eat lunch before putting them down for a nap.

Childminders and nurseries offer a whole range of sessions to suit different needs. They also ensure children are enriched with activities to help develop core skills and meet key milestones. Both types of provider should be registered with and regularly assessed by the Care Inspectorate. That way you can be guaranteed a high standard of care.

Q: Where can I find a reliable babysitter? What should I expect to pay per hour?

A: When hiring a babysitter, you will often get what you pay for. You should expect to pay anything from £10.00 to £15.00 per hour, or even more, depending on the service provided. I know of many families who hire a local teen or a student who spends the evening watching TV while the children sleep.

At TrioCare we provide babysitters and hold them to high standards. We encourage them to help the family by doing some light housework such as loading the dishwasher, straightening up the lounge, putting away any toys that are out, or even helping out with ironing. When children are awake, our babysitters engage them and ensure a stimulating environment.

One advantage of using a registered service such as TrioCare is that you can use Tax Free Childcare or childcare vouchers to help cover the cost. Another is that our team are all well trained, experienced professionals. All of our babysitters (for example) work in childcare. Since they are assessed regularly in their roles, you can be sure that they are competent and knowledgeable.


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