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Glenalmond Welcomes Outstanding Inspection Report

Glenalmond College has welcomed a glowing report from Education Scotland inspectors following their recent visit to the leading independent school in Perthshire.

The focus of the visit by HMI inspectors was on self-evaluation and the school’s actions arising from this. Among the highlights of the education which Glenalmond provides, the inspectors praised the “high-performing school” with excellent academic results and a clear commitment to maximising the individual potential of young people.

Hugh Ouston, Head of Glenalmond College, described the report as “overwhelmingly positive”, saying this was a reflection of the excellent standard of learning and teaching and the 100% commitment of all staff at the school.

“The report pinpoints many strengths which we believe set a Glenalmond education apart,” said Mr Ouston. “Everyone in our close school community will be delighted to see this endorsement of our school’s commitment to an exceptional learning experience, academically and beyond the classroom, and of our dedication to consistent self-improvement.”

The newly-published report commends Glenalmond for its “welcoming, friendly and supportive” ethos. This “promotes a sense of respect and kindness across the school community….young people speak very proudly about their school and their many achievements.”

Pupils at Glenalmond are described as “courteous, highly motivated and keen to experience challenge in their learning.” The report details the extent to which pupils benefit from “supportive relationships with their teachers and pastoral and house staff. The house system gives all young people a sense of belonging and helps to foster good relationships between different year groups.”

Glenalmond’s effective tutoring system was also highlighted as a major strength, with a particular focus on enabling young people to become more resilient.

“Young people meet in groups with their tutor several times each week, to explore issues relevant to their needs. They enjoy this time and they value the supportive role of their tutor…….Senior leaders and staff place the wellbeing of all young people at the centre of their work,” states the report.

The wide range of extra-curricular activities which pupils benefit from is detailed in the report and the three-day leadership exercise offered annually to the Lower Sixth year group is singled out. This is designed to test young people’s skills of leadership, teamwork, planning and resilience and “many young people describe this event as the highlight of their time at Glenalmond College.”

The daily help sessions for young people offered at Glenalmond are also highlighted. These sessions allow pupils to access extra support in their learning, as well as further opportunities for preparation for assessments and examinations.

“This is a strength of the school, which young people appreciate and many access on a regular basis,” states the report, which also commends the school’s pioneering “Learning Project”. This whole-school approach focuses on raising attainment, ambition and excellence in pupils and staff.

“Glenalmond College is a high performing school…….The school’s records show that almost all young people leave Glenalmond College for high quality, positive destinations. Most young people gain a place in the university of their choice,” the report states.

“These are exciting times for Glenalmond,” Hugh Ouston added. “It is encouraging to read the inspectors’ endorsements of the care and challenge we offer every single pupil.”

The report is available to view on the Education Scotland website HERE.  


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