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Head: The Edinburgh Academy Junior School

We speak to Gavin Calder, Headmaster at The Edinburgh Academy Junior School, to find out what is his vision for the school and its strengths.

Gavin Calder, 49
Gavin Calder, 49

Do you have children?

One daughter in S5 and one daughter who came through the school—currently in second year at St Andrew’s University

How long have you been at the school?

11 years

How many years have you held a head teachers post?

15 years

What are the particular strengths of your school?

Our unique size means we are big enough to matter, small enough to care. Our magnificent grounds are fully utilised for sport, play and sector-leading Outdoor Learning. We engender a real passion for learning.

What is your vision for this school?

I want to lead a school where nurture, pastoral care and genuine love is evident in all that we do. Where academic rigour is seen a given alongside a holistic educational offering.

How do you equip a child for life in the 21st century?

COVID has shown the real need for school community and social interaction. We want our children to use technology well but to recognise the dangers and pitfalls involved.

Find out more about The Edinburgh Academy School here.


The Edinburgh Academy

Junior School & Nursery

10 Arboretum Road,

Edinburgh, EH3 5PL

0131 552 3690

2-12 years

Day School: Co-educational nursery, and junior school


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