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Meet the Head of Cargilfield Preparatory School

We asked Rob Taylor, Headmaster at Cargilfied Prep 'how do you equip a child for life in the 21st century?'

Rob Taylor, 54
Rob Taylor, 54

Do you have children?

Sons aged 21 (now at university) and 18 (in his last year as a boarder at a co-ed school in England). Daughter aged 15 (in her second year as a day girl in a co-ed school in Edinburgh)

How long have you been at the school?

Sarah and I are in our 8th year running Cargilfield

How many years have you held a head teacher post?

About to complete 14 years as a Head. The two posts were interspersed with 6 years running an Admissions Department for a senior school.

What are the particular strengths of your school?

A stand-alone junior school offering parents choice over senior school options. Small classes and year groups offering a personal touch and maximising opportunities. A busy school with a longer day and lots of extra-curricular opportunity.

What is your vision for this school?

To retain our status as the best prep school in Scotland through high quality teaching, pastoral care and an exciting, broad curriculum.

How do you equip a child for life in the 21st century?

Learning to communicate, to solve problems and to work in teams will always be at the heart of our education but the pressures of modern life also require children to become more emotionally resilient.

Find out more about Cargilfield here.


Cargilfield Barnton 􏰀 0131 336 2207

3-13 years

Co-educational nursery and preparatory boarding school, with day pupils


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