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Meet the Principal of George Heriots, Gareth Warren

We speak to Gareth Warren Principal of George Heriots School to find out his vision for the school and how it equips children for life in the 21st century.

Do you have children?

Three children

How long have you been at the school?

One Year

How many years have you held a head teachers post?

Seven years

What are the particular strengths of your school?

Undoubtedly its ethos. Our caring, nurturing, kind environment provides the foundation for every child to flourish. A rich range of opportunities and experiences, coupled with expert teaching, creates a school that excels academically as well as across expressive arts and sport.

What is your vision for this school?

To harness the ethos, heritage and traditions of the school as the basis to create an exceptional school that provides a personal learning environment, developing individual interests, knowledge and skills to prepare pupils for a successful, enjoyable future.

How do you equip a child for life in the 21st century?

A holistic education is essential in ensuring a grounded and socially/emotionally intelligent person to cope with the ever-changing future. Children must have the capacity to evolve and adapt and this will be achieved through possessing an excellent knowledge coupled with multiple intelligences and explicit skills development.

Find out more about George Heriot’s School here.


George Heriot’s School City Centre 􏰀

0131 229 7263

4-18 years

Co-educational junior and senior day school with a pre-school year nursery


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